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Understanding Attacks Linked to Blind Eagle APT-C-36

  To know more about it, you can go through my detailed document by clicking  here Overview APT-C-36 also known as Blind Eagle active since 2018, is an espionage group suspected to be originated from South America and mainly targets Colombian government institutions along with the other important corporations of financial sector, petroleum industry, professional manufacturing, etc. Types of Attack It can use fraudulent emails posing as Colombian government offices. All these emails may state that a government order has been issued along with all the details in the attachment (in which the information is protected with a password). Other spam emails may also claim to provide an Id proof with photo urging the recipient to open it with the password given by the hackers. The sender's email address is generally disguised as a fake profile. These emails also use DOCX/PDF files with a link and when clicked the recipient is taken to a file hosting site that can automatically download a Bit

Understanding Attacks Linked to China Backed APT-41

  To know more about it, you can go through my detailed document by clicking  here Overview APT-41 also known as Double Dragon hacking group is a Chinese state-sponsored espionage group and according to the cybersecurity company FireEye, they generally targets healthcare, telecom, technology, and video game industries of USA and Europe (active since 2012). The name "Double Dragon" refers to the fact that besides engaging in espionage, they also indulge in individual financial gain.  Espionage Activity Alike other Chinese cyber threat group, APT-41 also acts according to the welfare of Chinese strategies and goals in technology. Their way of attacks signifies that they attacks specifically to obtain information regarding major political as well as financial events. For example- The hacking of the German company TeamViewer AG's software that can allow remote system control on June 2016, leaked all the information about businesses as well as management details of the TeamVie